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One of the most famous spirits believed to roam the building is that of "Chains Charlie", who was a former prisoner who had been tortured before being executed for murder?There is talk of a maid who tragically died in a fire while looking after children of one of the farmers and the room then was boarded up, people have complained of feeling like their face is on fire in this room of the house especially near the landing.

Corpse Rd is said to be haunted by the ghost of a horse carrying the body of woman who was tied to the horse. Corpse Rd is said to be haunted by the ghost of a horse carrying the body of woman who was tied to the horse.Ghost hunt in Edinburgh on a ghost hunting event with Simply Ghost Nights, we begin the night with a one and a half hour terror tour of Edinburgh, after the terror tour we begin the paranormal investigation of The Niddry Street Vaults.The Annison building has the look of the Amityville House of Horrors, so hopefully we will find strange and wonderful things there, Simply Ghost Nights are thrilled to be able to bring this location to our database.Are you brave enough to come on a ghost hunt in Gainsborough with Simply Ghost Nights. Catherine's Hall in Doncaster for a ghost hunting event at this former Certified Institute for Mental Deficiencies, school, hospital wards for infectious diseases, mental institution and prior to that it was a private residence to the Banks family.Ghost hunting at The Hell Fire Caves with tales of the Occult, black magic, satanic rituals, debauchery, and an array of frequenting 'female guests' and plenty of drinking.In 1643 the first ghost was sighted at Bolling Hall, believed to be the first ghost sighting ever recorded in the UK.

On a ghost hunt at Bolling Hall some of the activity reported here are a baby has been heard crying all around the hall and ladies' voices are heard.Come and join Simply Ghost Nights on a ghost hunting event at Ripon workhouse Museum as we step back in time and take in the darkened atmosphere of the doom and gloom of the poor unfortunate former residents of the Ripon Workhouse Museum.Ghost hunts at Bolling Hall is a must for any ghost hunting enthusiast.On our previous ghost hunts at Cannon Hall our brave ghost hunters have experienced table tipping, glass divination incarnate voices and much more.Dare you join us on a ghost hunting experience at Cannon Hall.The spirit of a little girl is said to have been seen at Gresley Old Hall could this be the spirit of one of the children who perished in the fire still residing at the Old Hall.