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The harder part has been the “small town” feel of San Antonio. If you’ve developed a history with someone, it’s hard to avoid seeing them out and about, and that can be rough.Although the community feels comfortable and familiar, it can also seem stifling and claustrophobic, especially where relationships are concerned.

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I’ve met Callie, and I know many of the people whose stories she shared. Some of my favorite restaurants and watering holes are just blocks away, and Pearl Brewery is a 10-minute walk down the street.They belong to doctors, activists, academics, and regular working folk.(For different visions of the general area, watch Girl in a Coma’s “El Monte” and Mexicans with Guns’ “Damelo”, both filmed partly in Tobin Hill.) My experience of San Antonio has differed from the situation Callie described in one important way: I’ve found it very easy to make friends here. Now, I walk into bars and concerts and know half the faces I see.I moved here five years ago to begin a professorship at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where I teach cultural anthropology. The area is definitely “in transition.” There are two derelict properties for every rehab, and the stray dogs probably outnumber the kept ones.I’m a Chicago native, and I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Boston, and Quito, Ecuador. But, I don’t mind the gritty, dilapidated feel, which is characteristic of much of San Antonio.Other professions may be able to use FARB courses as continuing education.

Attendees must submit required information to their appropriate jurisdictions as necessary.The adventure will then guide you down along the River Walk and through the streets to enjoy the modern-day sights and sounds of the city while finding historic and unique hidden gems. The scavenger hunt will be Saturday, January 28, 2017 at PM and is only per person. I’ve also spent significant time in other large cities. I enjoy talking to the day laborers who live across the street as much as I love chatting with my uber-educated neighbors.Although I’m quickly approaching the “big 4-0” and not exactly an entrepreneur, I still consider myself one of the young, educated types that San Antonio wants to attract and keep. On my block alone, there are degrees from Stanford, Cornell, New York University, Rice, and the University of Chicago.(My better half lives there.) Because there isn’t as much turnover, people are happy to meet newcomers.

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