Scorpio dating another scorpio

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Cardinal Fire takes charge, but you resent control, so expect some struggles over power. Restrain the Ram too often and an inspirational partner will be off.

Fiery Ram is a Cardinal Sign, where Scorpio is a Fixed Sign.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, being a fixed water or icy sign.

In appearance you will be found to be well proportioned, strong in body, muscular, with a broad face and majestic, commanding look.

If you're not up front with your feelings then you'll end in a power struggle.

You're a private, secretive creature and the Bull is not always inclined to disclose, even though both of you can be bluntly honest when you need to.

You both have strong opinions on everything from food to politics, so stay away from subjects if you know you disagree.

If you want trouble, you'll know how to stir the Bull up.

It's a difficult match, but worth the effort for those who persist. Warrior Mars and deep Pluto rule your sign, where Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus.

And, when Mars and Venus dance there are flames in the bedroom.

You're insightful and tend to probe restlessly when you feel things aren't right.

Don't launch too many venomous darts at the Bull or you'll unleash a force that may make even you nervous. If roused, it's another story and the strength of this beast is a match for you.

But the knee-jerk reaction of the insecure Fixed Sign is to control situations.