See more caucasian men dating asian women

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See more caucasian men dating asian women - chad michael murray dating now 2016

No I have not, but then again I've never seen White female do that neither.3.I've seen em in the gym shower, and from what I can tell they're just like anyone else. Yes, and I've also seen Whites/Blacks/Hispanic women in their 50's looking like a million bucks.5. The tendency to cheat isn't immune to Asian women, I had friends whom married Asian women, and guess what? The bottom line is this, you and everyone else have the right to date whomever you choose.

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at my work, the black guys seem to get most of the attention from the girls, but i'm the standout. Ever seen a 50 year old asian woman that looked like she was 30?I feel sorry for the guy who has to try to attack me personally, and imply I was attacking his mother because I said what's commonly and plainly spoken .I happen to believe that there's a good chunk of people that give considerable credence to these stereotypes and make decisions accordingly.most of the ones i know look put together all the time, and are quiet and respectful.granted, this is not true for all asians but just what my little experience shows.Type of men that don't get much play from white women in general.

And i have also noticed that not very successful (men who have no carrer or have crappy job, or not very wealthy) are flocking to not only asian, but latina women as well.Are you guys feeling better make up all your shortcomings on cyberspace?It's easy to call someone a loser when YOU are the one who facing all the crap and hard times you yourself are the most likely to generating in the first place.Someone should take a survey and find out because I am so sick of the shit on this thread. People that even make this an issue on either side of the coin, seriously need to check their calender and look at the date because segregation should've been put behind us a long time ago.1. Yes but then I travel to Asia regularly and go to Asian events so I see Asian women of all shapes and sizes, regularly. Yes but then I travel to Asia regularly and go to Asian events regularly. Yes and I have also seen 30 years olds who look like they were 40 or 45. You also made references that Asian women reject Asian men for the 'small unit' as you put it.How could this be when all ethnicities, INCLUDING ASIAN ethnicities are in relative equal proportion? In reality what you're doing is taking a stereotype that got whispered in your eardrum while getting a lapdance; liking the sound of it, and spouting it off as some kind of scientific fact.It's funny just how many insecure white males here just love to bash on minority men.