Selected value not updating

20-Nov-2015 18:29 by 6 Comments

Selected value not updating - Mobile chatroullete adult

Thanks Sharif Hi there I tried what you mentioned and there was no problem with selected Value (as it should be). Text Return ucd End Function [/] Hope this will give you bit clearer picture of my problem.

Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items Hi Billy Hasan, When you redirect the response - in fact you cause a new page load.Hello @rally25rs, The described behavior is actually expected, because the MVVM value binding updates the model on widget change, which does not happen on initial loading/binding.In general, the Drop Down List widget should always have a selected item - if there is no value, then the first one will be selected. Click the button below this post to show your appreciation! You're absolutely right, I was not clear about the uses of the Selected Index, Selected Item and Selected Value. I've amended the code according to your suggestion and it's working fine. Hello Billy Hasan, I used the code provided and created a sample page in order to reproduce the issue with our latest version - Telerik. Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed? In one of my pages, Sign Up Detail.aspx, I’ve added a Drop Down List control called ‘ddl County’, which is using a connection string called ‘My People Connection String1’ to connect to a SQL 2005 Database table called ‘dbo. At run-time the ‘ddl Country’ displays all the country names as expected.

Click the button below this post to show your appreciation! Let me give little bit more information about this problem.

BUT the variable is always getting the Index value of the selected country, NOT the actual name of the country.

Now, in the page’s code behind file, I’m trying to read the selected country name and assigned it to a string variable.

So, to fix the both problem, I, myself, amended the code like below: [ /] Now it's working fine. But whether this is the right thing to do, I'm not sure.

However, it returns the country name at the code behind file, which was my initial problem.

I agree that Drop Down List is different, because it (if option Label functionality is not used). To this note though "It is not very correct if widgets update the model on initial load without any user interaction" The interaction was performed, just to a "Parent" object\dropdown.

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