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Hairdressers may have legitimate claim to charging women more, but only if their cuts require more time, skill, or effort for a more demanding set of customers.

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In some cases, there might be good reason too, in that the service is actually more expensive to provide to one group than to another.

I was surprised that they even gave guys the option to buy a ticket.

Paying an extra to guarantee entry is a much more attractive option than playing Russian (bouncer) Roulette at the door and risk being denied completely."Sun's friend Hailey Brooks says it's the first time she's seen this kind of pricing: "It’s a pretty common double standard in nightlife, girls get into clubs more easily and sometimes don’t have to pay cover at all or get free drink tickets.

There’s an increasing number of states and municipalities that have prohibited gender price discrimination in public accommodations."So do women always pay more? Often, nightclubs charge women less for entry, a practice California has banned.

Similarly, nail salons often charge men more than women, reportedly because so-called icures require more work.

I distinctly remembered one Saturday afternoon last year when I went for my haircut with Kino Naoya, my regular guy at the downtown salon at St. A little sign hung on Kino’s mirror: “Starting next month, all customers will be charged per haircut.

Thank you.”I sighed; Kino had given himself a well-deserved 25 percent raise.

"If you ask your average club dude, nine times out of 10, they'll say they don't mind paying a little extra (-20) if it guarantees a dance floor full of girls and/or a good ratio."The clubs seem to agree.

I reached out to Marquee, one of the most profitable names in the nightclub business.

His reply was that for him, it all took the same amount of time—about 45 minutes.

And Kino’s time was getting expensive regardless of whether you were male or female.

The event, the Global Citizen Festival Official Afterparty, charged extra dollars for males.

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