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Such imagery and themes, combined with Shaara's fictionalization, help to contribute to why this single battle holds such monumental significance and influence upon the lives of Americans over a century removed from its occurrence....

In the year 1975, it was granted the Pulitzer Prize for creative writing.

The film glorifies Union and Confederate soldiers in the historic bloodbath of Gettysburg.

The film enables viewers to experience a first hand account of the spirit and battleground of the four-day battle....

It gives us in details the occurrences of the four days in the Battle of Gettysburg.

This was during the American Civil War that occurred in the year 1863.

Shaara gives action and words to characters of another time, and then places these players on the stage of this great battle.

Through the use of powerful biblical and non-biblical imagery and themes the epic nature of the battle at Gettysburg and its characters are enhanced.

[tags: Summary, Plot, Analysis] - The killer angels is a world acclaimed novel that was written by an author known as Michael Shaara.

[tags: Novel Analysis, Summary] - THe Killer Angels Opinion and Commentary In the novel The Killer Angels, Mr. He has written this fabulous (Pulitzer Prize winning) novel.

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A lone rifle fires off in the distance on a rainy July morning.

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