Sex dating in van tassell wyoming

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Sex dating in van tassell wyoming

Deborah Sampson, who fought in the American Revolution disguised as the soldier Robert Shurtlieff, was born in December of 1760 in Plymton, Massachusetts, near Plymouth.Although descended from distinguished Pilgrim stock, the Sampson family was poor.

For over two years, Deborah’s true sex had escaped detection.It was soon after that she was assigned to a scouting party given the dangerous task of marching through the Neutral Ground of what is today Westchester County to assess the British buildup of men and materiel in Manhattan, which General Washington was contemplating attacking.On the return trip, she had her first taste of battle when her group was attacked by British sympathizers and troops.In June of 1782, Deborah and two sergeants led about 30 other infantrymen on an expedition into the Neutral Ground.They departed at sunset and went as far south as Eastchester.With the help of Van Tassel’s daughter, Private Shurtlieff led a night raid on his house, capturing 15 men.

In February, 1783, Deborah was removed from the ranks to serve as a waiter to General John Paterson, who commanded the First Massachusetts Brigade.Her distress increased immeasurably, however, when she discovered that she had been shot in her left thigh just below the groin.She was able to conceal this wound from the doctor and extracted the pistol ball herself.After venturing out undetected in her disguise, she resolved to enlist, which she did in the spring of 1781.In May she arrived at the fortifications at West Point, New York, on the west bank of the Hudson River, where she was detached to Captain George Webb’s Company of Light Infantry and issued a uniform and accoutrements.Unknowingly, she was placed in the house of a Tory, Abraham Van Tassel, who consigned her and the ill private, Richard Snow, to a stuffy attic made hot by the August sun.

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