Should a sagittarius dating another sagittarius

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Should a sagittarius dating another sagittarius

The influence of this wonderful solar eclipse remains active until the August 21 solar eclipse.

The middle half of the year brings ample opportunities for success and happiness.

This year gets of to a shaky start with some character testing eclipses making you work harder than usual.

From then on you actually have no long term influences but some good shorter term prospects for your love life.

Jupiter sextile your decan from March 20 to August 24 should be a time of happiness and optimism when good things seem to come more easily.

Health and vitality should be high which enables you to take full advantage of this very lucky transit.

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The testing conditions you endured for much of 2016 continue into early 2017.

The positive nature of this aspect means you should enjoy the love and affection you deserve and may even find your soul mate.

There may be further developments from April 27 to May 15 when Venus comes back trine your decan.

Are ready to receive the good fortune, new romance, or increased wealth you seek?

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With it’s emphasis the fear, paranoia and fearmongering in the world, it would be normal to be feeling down some or even a lot of the time.

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