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"Terms such as 'young at heart' and 'active' were used to show physical fitness and good health." She also said dating sites could be missing a trick when it came to how clients wanted to describe what they were after.While most ask if users are seeking a date with little commitment, or a long-term relationship, she said many older singles would prefer to say they were simply after 'companionship' - a word frequently used in more traditional 'personals' pages of newspapers.

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When online dating in your 50s or beyond, be assured that those you meet online are also keen to find someone new – they wouldn’t be on a dating site otherwise!Our idea of what’s important in a relationship also matures over time.When you were younger you may have focused on the fact that he should have bright blue eyes, or that she should have a show-stopping smile, but other qualities become just as important later in life.Dr Charlie Steele, who co-presented their findings, said the attitude of many older singels to online dating could be summed up in the demand: "Please don't waste my time." He explained: "They are less likely to play games.Apprentice team, “Evolve” chose an over 50s online dating site to pitch to Sir Alan Sugar, but why is “silver surfing” becoming so popular?epa02087872 British actress Kim Cattrall arrives at the 2010 Laurence Olivier Awards held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, Britain, 21 March 2010.

Presented annually by the Society of London Theatre, the Laurence Olivier Awards honour excellence in professional theatre from the past year.They are named after the renowned British actor Laurence Olivier. You’ll probably have a great time – as long as Molly Menopause hasn’t also turned up on the date.EPA/DANIEL DEME" width="636" height="392" / Silver surfers who are dating on-line are probably more likely to be catfished than any other age group. Some ladies might not have updated their make up and style for a while. If she does, you’re more likely to wake up in a hospital bed than ours. As a society obsessed with looking good, some women have probably had some work done, especially when they’re getting older.Gone is the focus on appearance and status." She went on: "We believe that over 60s appear to be more interested in honest self-representation and being compatible rather than discussing areas such as sexual prowess and nightlife."We also found the language of older people's online ads was different when describing themselves and what they were looking for in a relationship.With age however, we come to know our strengths, know how we deal with problems and understand what we can contribute to a relationship.