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Counseling Can Help You Navigate Teen Social Issues Regardless of the difficulties you are facing now, therapy can help you develop the tools you need to feel more confident and connected to the people around you.

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You might feel increasingly unsure of yourself in social situations, especially if you sense that your old friendship are drifting apart or if you have begun dating for the first time.Even though some teens can be cruel, it is important to know that everyone is trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be.With help and support, you can begin to feel secure, supported and equipped to work through the social challenges of adolescence.If you have always struggled socially and have just recently realized that you would like to make friends or find a romantic partner, I can help you begin to communicate with and feel more comfortable around others.And, if you are facing bullying, I can help you cope with the cruelty of others and begin heal from the trauma it can cause.Or, perhaps you have always been shy or content to be on the outside of social groups, but now you want the relationships that you see your peers enjoying.

Maybe you don’t quite know what a healthy, supportive friendship or relationship looks like.So many teens struggle to adjust to the new social dynamics of junior high and high school.Even if people around you seem perfect on the outside, they are likely hiding their own pains, concerns and problems.Teenagers have to somehow balance schoolwork, social life, extracurriculars and sleep, and sometimes, that striking a healthy balance can feel almost impossible.However, despite your increased responsibility, you might also feel like your parents still treat you like a child and prevent you from using certain types of social media or participating in some social events.You may feel that therapy can help you with teen social issues, but have questions or concerns…