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They think it’s great because they understand why I’m doing the show. I told them like, you understand, you’re gonna be a part of the show, cause like you’re my family, and I’m really close with you guys, and are you guys OK with having cameras around you 24/7? ” Yeah, that’s one of the things with having a reality TV show.And, but, I talked them into it, and they loved it.

Before Ryan hops in the pool next week, here are some fast facts to know.3.

So I started eating healthy and I’ve been eating healthy for the past four or five years. You know, I put my fashion line on hold, just because anything I do in my life I want to do 100 percent, and right now my biggest goal is Rio 2016 Olympics. But after my swimming’s all finished, when I hang up the Speedo, I definitely will commit to fashion and take that more seriously. But if I did that I’d have quit swimming years and years ago.

My training, my attitude in life has just been phenomenal. So like, I do like to go out, I like to go out, have some drinks with my friends, go dancing.

Once the show was done shooting they said, “Oh my gosh, I hope we get a second season cause that was so much fun.”Oh, by all means.

This was like a once in a lifetime experience and I enjoyed it because … It was I was able to hang out with my family more than I’ve ever hung out with them in the past, just because with my hectic schedule, I didn’t really have time. No, but you know, girls that, you know, they, they’re—every girl that I went on a date with on this show was, like, on paper, they were like perfect.

Sometimes the coaches don’t like that, but they understand.

Kate and Helen made history this year before they even took the field in Rio.This wasn't Ryan's first time trying to get to the Olympics; in 2012, he narrowly missed out on making the team in both of his signature events, getting sixth in the 100-meter backstroke and fourth in the 200-meter backstroke (only the top two swimmer qualify for the Games).5.When he was younger, Ryan would get so nervous before races that he'd puke.I have another life outside of the sport of swimming, and you’ll see that on the show.So there are times where I go out, I have a good time, but I have a job to do, and I have to show up in the morning and train.In life, like, I’m always living life to the fullest to always have fun.