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Image: Xavier Harding/Motherboard At any moment during gameplay, users are able to pause Delta to return to bring up a menu.

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Relying on a simple set of inputs to produce uncanny moments of violent absurdity, it captures the glory days of lo-res, local multiplayer like few others can. An in-game economy also let players upgrade and customize vehicles, making it as much an RPG as a fighting game.

Testut, the app's developer, hasn’t confirmed how it will be distributed or what, if any, loopholes it exploits to work on non-jailbroken devices.

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ROMs can be moved over from Dropbox, Google Drive, i Cloud Drive, and can also be transferred with a USB cable using i Tunes.

Firing up a Game Boy Advance game on your i Phone using Delta looks like this: Image: Xavier Harding/Motherboard Delta users can play games in portrait or landscape orientation.

There are some tradeoffs by not playing Game Boy games on actual Nintendo hardware, of course.

For one, virtual controls don't have the same feeling as pressing a physical button, which can make some games like that don't require timely button inputs are better suited for Delta.The emulator also allows players to set how transparent they want onscreen buttons to look when the phone is held sideways.The beta we tested was only able to properly play Game Boy Advance and Super Nintendo games; N64 games simply didn't import into the app, though that could merely be a pre-release bug.Selecting the red Main Menu text brings you to the game selection screen, allowing you to switch to a different title in your library.Actually playing the games like on Delta runs smoothly, even for beta software.Your ROM library now consists of thumbnail images for your games (assuming your ROMs are named properly), and support has been added for the i Phone 7's taptic engine.

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