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It will also be focused on the application of the newest ready-to-use tools and technologies in their working practice. We hope that the 3rd ESPT Summer School will meet your expectations, provide you some unforgettable personal and professional memories, and trust that you will enjoy your visit to the very beautiful and exciting cosmopolitan city of Belgrade.

Dodjite da se družite, zabavite, a možda i zaljubite!

To je specifičan, brzi način upoznavanja, koji podrazumeva organizovano okupljanje po deset muškaraca i žena koji se naizmenično upoznaju jedni s drugima kroz petominutni razgovor.

Dijana Dobrota iz agencije „Speed Dating“ objašnjava da su psiholozi procenili kako je pet minuta razgovora sasvim dovoljno da se oseti hemija između muškarca i žene.

Innovative and original programming will enable to present, share, debate and conclude on the opportunity to translate genetic laboratory test results into actionable prescribing decisions for specific drugs, emphasising the importance of teamwork in the use of personalized medicine for improving patient care in the clinical setting. Following the success of the previous 2 ESPT Summer Schools in Ljubljiana (Aug 2012) and Rome (June 2014), the Education and Courses Division of ESPT has designed a comprehensive educational program in the multidisciplinary field of pharmacogenomics and personalized therapy.

It will also be focused on the application of the newest ready-to-use tools and technologies in their working practice. This program includes both the fundamentals of pharmacogenomics as well as the latest knowledge on established and novel concepts in the field, as well its advanced clinical applications, and it does not require previous knowledge and experience in the field.

Ovo je jedini deo projekta za koji nije potrebna prijava.

Ukoliko ste zainteresovani da za kratko vreme, u opuštenoj atmosferi, upoznate veliki broj ljudi, a među njima možda baš i svoju srodnu dušu – prijavite se za ovaj speed dating.Mi na kraju upoređujemo beležnice i tamo gde su se pozitivni komentari podudarili, razmenjujemo kontakte – kaže Dijana.VIŠE OD POLOVINE UČESNIKA OSTVARILO JE VEZU Statistike su pokazale da više od 60 odsto učesnika speed datinga na ovaj način pronađe svoju drugu polovinu.Participants will have a unique opportunity to discuss their work with invited professors during the “Meet the professor session” and will be able to introduce themselves and their work to their peers on a one-to-one basis, during the “Speed dating session”. Manolopoulos ESPT Vice President & Chair of Education and Courses Division WELCOME!It is arranged as an intensive teaching and learning event that will raise the education levels in pharmacogenomics and personalized therapy several steps higher. Dear Colleagues and Friends, It is a great pleasure and honor to invite you to the 3rd ESPT Summer School that will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, from August 20th to August 25th 2016.Speed dating je brz i zanimljiv način upoznavanja partnera koji odavno postoji u svetu, a sve popularniji je i kod nas.

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