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Please enter your first name and full email address below.Provincetown in a Nutshell: Historic, scenic, and secluded, the former Portuguese fishing community and longtime artists colony of Provincetown is also one of the world's most popular resort destinations among gay and lesbian travelers. The Seasons: Although Provincetown is most popular in summer, and many of its businesses open only from May through October, it's actually an appealing destination year-round, especially during the less-crowded but still mild spring and fall seasons. The Location: Provincetown lies at the very end of Cape Cod, on the so-called "Outer Cape." If you picture the Cape as a curled arm, Provincetown would be the hand. Driving Distances: Driving distances to Provincetown from prominent places and points of interest are: Traveling to Provincetown: Provincetown is a relatively easy place to reach without a car, and it's very easy to explore on foot; in summer the traffic is horrendous, and a car can actually be a liability, so consider leaving it at home.

P'town generally referred to as having three sections, the quiet and peaceful West End, the bustling downtown center, and the East End, which has a number of galleries and guesthouses. Top Provincetown Attractions: Provincetown has a handful of prominent attractions, but the main things to do here are relax, browse the many cool shops and galleries, enjoy the outdoors (perhaps biking or visiting the beach at Cape Cod National Seashore.For Bay State, call 877-783-3779 or visit their online schedule page.The fare is about one-way, or round-trip for either company.Attractions right in town general revolve around history and culture.There's the 252-foot-tall Pilgrim Monument, which looms over town (you can climb to the top for an amazing view).Gay Resources on Provincetown: A handful of resources provide information on the city in general, and a few on the local gay scene.

For general visitor information, contact the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce.

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Fall and spring offer crisp, cool, and often beautiful weather. From Boston, the high-speed ferry to Provincetown takes about 90 minutes, which means it's possible to make the journey as a day trip, if you catch the first sailing ( am for Bay State, 9 am for Boston Harbor Cruises) and return on the last one ( pm for Bay State, as late as for Boston Harbor Cruises, depending on day of the week).

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