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CBI Scotland director Hugh Aitken, urging Westminster and Holyrood to work together, said: “On the negotiations, businesses are seeking barrier and tariff-free access to the single market, as well as access to skills and labour from abroad.In the meantime, agreeing transitional arrangements will be vital if businesses are to avoid substantial changes or a cliff edge in regulation.” READ MORE: Beyond Brexit: 'As and when the UK Government actually triggers Article 50, the headwinds will become very real' Experts predict a sharp slowdown in growth in Scotland and the UK as a whole in 2017, from already below-trend levels this year, as impending Brexit weighs heavily on the economy.

The May Government has absolutely no idea about anything, and it shoots from the lip.During the next global recession we are going to see a continuation of the same approaches to crisis solving that we’ve seen in the past, based on the theories of defunct economists mixed with personal and institutional biases.Their prescription is a witches’ brew that we will be told is good for us but that will in fact ensure that those of us least able to cope will bear the brunt of its impact. In a war-torn world that had yet to recover from a depression that began 15 years earlier, revamping the existing economic order probably seemed a good idea.It says, ‘We don’t need experts.’.” Mr Blanchflower declared that financial markets had gone “ballistic” last month when Mrs May, Tory peer William Hague, and Conservative MP Michael Gove had criticised Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.He added: “Immediately, they had to shut up.” Drawing parallels between the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election, Mr Blanchflower said: “The problem in the UK and US is this populism and idealism is all very well but you have got to have real economic policies.” He added: “This is the economics of having your hopes raised, and the danger is they are going to get dashed. I think May looks like a deer in the headlights.” Referring to Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox, Mr Blanchflower said: “Fox, every time he opens his mouth, the market laughs.” Graeme Roy, director of the University of Strathclyde’s Fraser of Allander Institute think-tank, warned that the long-term economic risks from Brexit “are really significant”, highlighting the implications for trade, investment, and labour mobility and supply.He warned that people must not become complacent, just because the UK economy had in the immediate wake of the Brexit vote held up better than some had expected.

Mr Roy said: “We should not forget that Brexit is much more about the long term. It is not about what has happened…It is about what is about to happen, and those are the risks that are really significant.Here in the States we enjoyed rapid growth and a Baby Boom that produced me and perhaps you.Yet that era also bequeathed to us some new problems.What we now call the European Union grew out of a postwar Franco-German coal and steel trading pact.The euro currency is a branch in the same family tree as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and others.This sordid story is just one thread in a much bigger one, but it helps explain a lot of global imbalances. The Second World War was still raging in July 1944, but the Allies thought victory was at hand.

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