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We are well suited for both business and leisure travellers with our refined elegance and premium accommodations.A unique feature to our location is our spacious garden, which offers a refuge from the noise and excitement of London city.

Following the withdrawal of the Roman Legions in 410 AD, the road system soon fell into disrepair.We are located a short distance from Earls Court, home to some of London’s largest conference venues.Our Umami Restaurant features food inspired by oriental cuisine comprised of noodles, tapas, soup and grilled dishes.The primary function of the network was to allow rapid movement of troops and military supplies, but it also provided vital infrastructure for commerce, trade and the transportation of goods.A considerable number of Roman roads remained in daily use as core trunk roads for centuries after the Romans withdrew from Britain in AD 410.Stanegate, the military road from Carlisle to Corbridge, was built under the Emperor Trajan (ruled 98–117 AD) along the line of the future Hadrian's Wall, which was constructed by his successor Hadrian in 122–132 AD.

Scotland (Caledonia), including England north of Hadrian's Wall, remained mostly outside the boundaries of Britannia province, as the Romans never succeeded in subjugating the entire island, despite a serious effort to do so by governor Gnaeus Julius Agricola in 82–84 AD.However, the Romans maintained a system of forts in the lowland region ca.80–220 AD to control the indigenous population beyond Hadrian's Wall and annexed the Lowlands briefly with the construction of the Antonine Wall in 164.All of our rooms are equipped with a safe, a 32" flat screen TV and high speed wireless internet.To ensure our visitors feel refreshed in morning we have a Sleep Advantage offer; which entails a room in the Quiet Zone of the hotel, aromatherapy and a guaranteed wake up call.Others have been lost or are of archeological and historical interest only.