Speed dating in tokyo

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Speed dating in tokyo

Labor-related laws apply equally to full-time and part-time employment, and working insurance, social insurance, and Workerfs Accident Compensation Insurance is available for both.

The first impression you give the potential employer is also very important.

Instead of the free-form resume typically used in the West, youfll need a two-page personal profile called a rirekisho in order to apply for a job in Japan.

Rirekisho have a very standard layout that cannot be derived from; you can buy the blank forms and envelopes for them in convenience stores and stationery stores.

Regardless of the type of job youfre applying for, a business suit is a must for a man.

Business wear is also necessary for women, but you have the option or wearing a simple blouse and skirt rather than a full-on suit. Again, itfs very important to cover any tattoos you have, as they carry very negative connotations in Japan.

The employer and employee are considered to have entered into a labor contract as soon as they reach an agreement, even if itfs only an oral agreement.

According to Japanese labor laws, your employer must inform you of all the working conditions at that time.

If youfve recently arrived to Japan, looking for work can be a daunting, confusing task, and knowing in advance how to navigate your way through the particularities of the typical Japanese employment search will undoubtedly make the process easier.

This guide isnft exhaustive by any means, but it contains very basic information that every foreigner needs to know to maximize their chances of finding a job.

The next sections are not as strictly-structured and will allow you to express your reasons for applying for the position, your hobbies, interests, favorite subjects, etc.

There is also a blank field for any comments or requests you may have regarding working conditions.

Wages must be paid in full once or more a month on a certain day in accordance with the Labor Standard Laws.

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