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“This season, it got so out of hand they made Stana and Nathan go to couples counseling together,” the source added, who said the actress has been in tears on set. Fillion, 45, also seemed to publicly take the high road and acknowledged the Canadian actress in a tweet: “Stana has been my partner all this time, and I thank her for creating the character Beckett who will live on for all of us as one of the greatest police officers on television.Katic’s rep denied any tension, telling A few days later, Us Weekly exclusively revealed even more on-set drama that might have played into Katic’s exit. A lot of people who work on the show don’t like Nathan. I wish her well, and have no doubt she will succeed in everything she pursues.

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“Everything ends in a tragedy, even an epic love story like yours,” a villainous voice says in the commercial.Stana Katic’s Beckett spent a couple of seasons resisting the unsubtle infatuation of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion).Then, when he finally pretended to move on, she was slammed with the realization she might have made a terrible mistake. House and Cuddy, “House.” They circled warily for years, finally got together and imploded so violently it blew Cuddy right off the show. Ross and Rachel, “Friends.” Even when they had a baby, these two never acted quite sure. Sam and Diane, “Cheers.” Another show where the signs said “yes” and the writers said “no.” 8.One of the show’s executive producers previously told Entertainment Weekly that they were prepared for the scenario that the show may not be renewed.“If we hear that we’re not coming back, we have shot something that we can put at the end of the episode as a way to put a button on everything.” A “source” noted that “he pulled the trump card of there being no series without him, and producers gave in.” According to another source, Katic nearly didn’t return for season eight.

“It’s no secret that there is no love lost between these two. Well, I haven’t seen it yet – and neither has Stana Katic.One of the show’s premises is that the actor doesn’t get to see the script until just before walking on stage!The previews of Monday night’s “Castle” suggest we may get some resolution. ABC officially canceled long-running drama Castle after eight seasons on Thursday, May 12, but many wondered about the fate of the show after the network announced the departure of its leading lady Stana Katic and her onscreen BFF Tamala Jones back on April 18.That rumors all trace back to a few scant quotes over the years that have attributed to anonymous sources, and those quotes (from the likes of The National Enquirer) have taken on a life of their own despite repeated denials from both Fillion and Katic.