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Daxx’s innate virtuosity and spirited musicianship were propulsive in more ways than the usual, inspiring fresh energy while also keeping the band in touch with its roots. “He’s so into it, he can play all of our songs on any instrument.

And even if you’re sick of it, it’s over in three minutes!“I passed the time each day making up these little ditties.” John’s parents, William Prine and Verna Ham Prine migrated from Paradise, Kentucky in 1934, joining the many others chasing work in the industrial north.They settled in a west Chicago suburb, and raised four boys.Among the many awards and accolades John has received in recent times include is his 2003 induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, an Americana Lifetime Achievement Award for songwriting and was honored at the Library of Congress by US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser.Prine has become for many, not just a well loved and appreciated songwriter, but a bonafide American treasure.Usually we have to battle it out with those guys but he left us alone.

He was like, I love your band, you know what you’re doing in there.” Deal in hand, Cheap Trick and Raymond quickly set to work.“He’s so good, we’re gonna have to break his fingers,” Kris Kristofferson said after witnessing a Prine performance. Nobody but Prine could write like that.” But long before the awards and accolades, the concerts and many albums, John Prine trudged through snow in the cold Chicago winters, delivering mail across Maywood, his childhood suburb.“I always likened the mail route to a library with no books,” says John Prine.Described by all as the band’s de-facto “fifth member,” Raymond has been a friend and sometimes collaborator for three decades, relied upon as both confidante and traffic cop.“We could produce our own records but we prefer to have Julian there to quell the storms,” Zander says.Two time Grammy-award winner, John Prine, is a singer songwriter who, from his eponymously titled first LP release in 1971, has continued to write and perform songs that have become central to our American musical heritage.

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