Stop adobe reader from updating

13-May-2015 06:49 by 5 Comments

Stop adobe reader from updating - Adult chatting

Recently, pdfs would no longer open (see later exception) on my system, though they would open in IE11 fine.I don't know if this was after a MS update or an Adobe update snuck in, or what.

This could get crazy every normal person that prefer to not update software so often.If I reboot (effectively killing the processes) or painstakingly kill each and every Reader process, it would usually open then.An occasional error message would say something about DDE failing.That said, the Adobe docs detail which versions of Acrobat, Full and Reader, can be controlled (several hundred pages of docs), what I am trying to say (not personally using version 11) is that the docs indicate that Updates can be enabled or disabled (as well as when and more) in version 11 (and 10, and 9, you get the idea).I do not know the 11 user interface but the "admx" files in Group Policy create entries in the Windows Registry to accomplish this.I hate that with the new versions, you can no longer set it to not update automatically (or if you can, I can't find it), but I think I may have turned something off in Services a while ago.

But it's only recently it stopped working on my system.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.The updater is launched by a Mac OS X system service called launchd. The job file is stored under your ~/Library/Launch Agents folder.The actual file name is suffixed with a number of random characters, but it starts with "com.adobe. If you look inside the file (it's a plain text file), you'd see that launchd would run the updater at 12600 seconds interval, or 3.5 hours. I don't have Creative Suite so I can't verify that.I know there are alternatives to Adobe (like Fox It) but I suspect this issue, whatever it was, may be with the OS and DDE instead, and not sure if Fox It, etc.