Taylor momsen chase crawford dating

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Taylor momsen chase crawford dating - dating your tutor 2016

She is strong, passionate about her music; she is provocative and sometimes even rude.But how could it be in any other way, when you are a teenager and yet already a rock star!

PHOTOS: Chace's sexy shirtless bod “Rebecca was by Chace's side most of the night,” one insider tells Us of the birthday boy, whose dinner and party, presented by Freixenet Spanish Cava and River Virtual Reality, was held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif.

As we can see Taylor’s love life is not very sapid, most of her relationships appear to be rumors and misconceptions.

But that is okay for a girl of her age, she is 21 and she is allowed to experiment in search for the one true love.

It was rumored to be a British actor Skandar Keynes, who is best known for his role of Edmund Pevensie in film series Chronicles of Narnia.

Although they were spotted being close publicly, they never confirmed that they were a couple, so this relationship turned out to be a rumor.

Text from the October 2008 issue of ' In Touch' magazine:"Gossip Girl co-stars Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford have been caught getting cozy - on more than once occasion.

According to an onlooker at Diesel's x Xx 30th Party in Brooklyn, NY., on October 11th, Chace, 23, and Taylor, 15, appeared to be more than friends.There are not much known about Momsen’s love life, there are mostly some rumors that she dated some guys, but as Taylor Momsen says, she is still searching for her soul mate.Taylor Momsen got herself a boyfriend in 2008, when she was only 14.Again some rumors say that Chace and Taylor Momsen were spotted kissing at one of the GG parties, though Chace denies any romantic activity between him and Taylor.For just a record Taylor was only 15 years old at that moment.Crawford’s rep denies that the snog session occurred, and with good reason. Careful, Chace, or your next television gig may be a lot less glamorous than you’re used to.