Taylor swift dating conor kennedy tumblr

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Other songs that fit Dianna in general - All Gender Neutral I Wish You Would Taylor’s last public interaction with Dianna was at the FUN concert in September of 2013 as stated earlier, and IWYW was written in October 2013.The song was assumed to be about Harry since it references an ex driving past her house.

Taylor also used this imagery for Clean during her 1989 World Tour“New changes and excitement unfolding” sure sounds like the lyric, “Didn’t it all seem new and exciting” to me.

Harry bought a house in LA in March of 2014, right around the time Taylor was making her move to NYC.

Dianna however did buy a house in LA near Taylor’s in July of 2013….

Not to mention the fact that when Dianna was asked if this song was about her, she said, “I cannot say.” Come Back…

Be Here - Gender Neutral Taylor wrote this song over the course of a few days with the same guy she ended up writing Treacherous with.

Dianna’s brother, Jason, was there as well, and he wrote on his Facebook that Dianna brought up that she had gone to a Kanye West concert unbeknown Taylor had beef with Kanye.

Taylor found it funny, and they all laughed about it.A lot of believe this song was kicked to the deluxe version of 1989 where it wouldn’t see as much attention from people just because of how obvious this song is.All You Had To Do Was Stay This song fits the theme of their relationship, aka them being very off and on.The whole album actually follows the theme of meeting up late at night.Clean Like I said earlier, we are pretty sure Taylor and Dianna broke up in April of 2013.Hyannis Port - 4th of July weekend The same weekend Taylor “met” Conor Kennedy.