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"People are definitely turning inward, paying more attention to their homes and their quality of life," says Ed Miller of E.Miller & Associates in Cedarburg, and chairman of the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) Remodelers Council...

See Young designer makes a kitchen accessible—and pretty Starting from the fundamental reality that ADA is not Universal Design designer Jordan Guide began work on the kitchen of Connie Wurtzel: "The look of ADA is not luxury by any means," Guide says. Instead, she specified standard items and then used them in creative, accessible ways. Not separate and stigmatized but "imagined" into normalcy and full participation by intent of design Author Karen Klages comments: t is important to note that although the kitchen was gutted and feels gads bigger now, it retains its original, (slightly larger than) 10-foot-square footprint.This idea of aging in place has become so popular that the MBA now offers a certification in it, according to Siewert."What we heard from our members is that there is the need to respond to consumer demands. Access in/jobs that has brought together over 70 sensitised employers who regularly use this portal to recruit disabled job seekers. Free2in - the first Indian tourist guide for disabled travelers.Before plans were drawn, Guide spent significant time observing Wurtzel in the kitchen, noting her "range of motion, her strengths, her weaknesses and what she was lacking" in that kitchen.And all along the way, Guide would insist that Wurtzel try out products and appliances to make sure her client actually could use, reach and maneuver them.Some of the trends popular in the last couple of years are back again, says Chellee Siewert, chief operating officer of the MBA in Waukesha.

For example, the concept of "aging in place" supports the notion that older persons should be able to live in their own homes for as long as confidently and comfortably possible.

The function/happiness that resulted from all this attention to detail is stunning in its breadth.

"Stunning." What an appropriate description for both the process and product of the respect embodied in Universal Design.

Travel globally, socialize locally: PDAs and social networks keep far-flung friends more connected looks at Kelly Fallis' travel paraphernalia and travel style.

We watch these trends for the way they suggest new more comfortable ways for travelers with disabilities to get around.

Our 'Open Green Map' participatory social mapping platform is creating a low-cost new way to promote, share and enhance the sites making progress toward sustainability as well as highlight the challenging places that can be turned around with community involvement.

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