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University dating site uk - race online dating

According to the Daily Mail, most of these members are recent graduates who indicate growing debt pressure and unemployment as the reasons for joining the site.The arrangement, apparently, is one between a "sugar daddy" and a "sugar baby" and sees the young woman provide a romantic relationship, in exchange for the boyfriend taking care of some of her bills.

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A Web site called has released data about its members, which shows an increasing number of students, particularly girls, have approached the site.

We curate our site to ensure we introduce our members to like-minded UK singles, no matter what your age is.

Our members are predominantly affluent, educated singles, but they are united by a common goal: finding genuine love and commitment through internet dating.

They get taken to places they could never afford in a million years - and receive financial help through what can be a difficult time in anyone's career," the Web site's owner, Brandon Wade, told the Daily Mail.

In fact, Wade added he was looking to expand to other countries.

I wasn't disappointed," one of the site's "sugar babies" told the Daily Mail, on condition of anonymity."We entered into what the site calls a mutually beneficial arrangement.

We were boyfriend and girlfriend but I was paid £2,500 a month, which was more than enough to cover my bills while I pursued my career in film.If you are serious about dating, Elite Singles is the right UK dating site for you.We believe that finding a compatible partner – who genuinely suits your lifestyle and dating preferences – is crucial for your lasting happiness.We saw each other for six months while I acquired the skills which enabled me to get a full-time job.In the end, it fizzled out and we split up amicably but I have no regrets about going on the site," she added.We've had a huge influx of beautiful, highly educated young women.