Updating a wooden dining set

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Updating a wooden dining set

I always keep a touch up can hidden away in our laundry room for this reason, making it easy to keep pieces looking fresh for longer! Laura's table (painted with latex) is very hard to clean and leaves wipe marks each time she wipes it down.

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Be sure you choose a time for this project when you can let your paint dry between coats and cure for at least a couple days before you start using your furniture again.

The only downside to oil-based paint is that you can't usually get the colors mixed, so you have to choose from what they have available (which is why all the projects listed above are white, yellow, and olive green).

Oil-based paint dries slowly, so these are not good one-day projects. Don't try this the night before a big party or event you are hosting!

Try to open the windows if you are painting indoors.

You can't wash your brush out in your sink like with latex paint, so you'll either need paint thinner or a throwaway brush for this project.

Your dining room set should reflect your personal style and taste.

Find the dining room table and chair set that fits both your lifestyle and budget. The chairs I painted with latex started scuffing and rubbing off immediately.Tips—Be aware that oil-based paint will take longer to dry and SMELLS.This is another way to bring colour into an all-wood set, and an inexpensive way to make a trendy statement. Give Your Chandelier A Modern Update A traditional chandelier with tiny shades can look stuffy and outdated, especially paired with a traditional dining set.Simply removing the shades and leaving the bulbs exposed is a super modern alternative – and it’s free! Ditch The Rug Consider rolling up your rug and storing it, or using it in another room — bare floors feel more casual and relaxed.Still, you might be surprised at the completely different personalities that these dining sets convey.