Updating employee handbook

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Updating employee handbook - Unmonitored video chat site

Though some federal regulations – such as Title VII and the Americans with Disabilities Act – don’t go into effect until you have 15 employees or more, you can be sued for many other issues at any size.

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So let’s take a quick look at what you need to do to update your employee handbook for 2016 and the changes that are coming.You also cannot ban them from posting photos, commenting on blog posts, writing blog posts, offering comments or statements from coworkers or managers that demonstrate substandard working conditions.The DOL (Department of Labor) is pushing through a proposal that will force employers to move anyone making less than 0 a week to non-exempt status.SHRM offered a helpful list of the Top 10 Employee Handbook Updates for 2016, with tips for each.The 10 identified issues include: “Paid sick leave tops the list of emerging issues addressed in respondents’ handbooks, with an impressive 79.4% addressing this new legal trend in their handbooks.replete with examples of how your employee handbook is overly broad and violates the National Labor Relations Act.

The purpose of the report is to educate employers, with recent case developments, on what can and cannot be included in an employee handbook.While a handbook can’t protect you from being sued, it can provide documentation that can help protect you if you are.For instance, if your handbook explains how overtime is calculated (and your employees have been given the handbook), you may be able to use your policy as documentation to help protect yourself and your company in the event of an accusation.What can’t be included is anything that could chill your employees from discussing the terms and conditions of employment with one another.That’s because the Act give employees, union or not, the right to do that.Though the company said the suspension was due to policy violations, not because the employees were speaking Spanish, the ensuing brouhaha caused them to apologize for the misunderstanding and revise a policy in the company handbook. It defines your company’s boundaries, gives ground rules and explains what is and is not considered acceptable behavior.