Updating firmware k700i

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Updating firmware k700i - buddha dating controversy

To check the firmware version of your Sony Ericsson phone, do the following (for When I read that the latest firmware fixed all issues involving USB transfer, I decided to plunge into upgrading the phone�s firmware.After all, I thought, I could just go to the Sony Ericsson service center if I botch the upgrade.

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Each Hisense product comes with a warranty to provide our customers with the peace of mind that, should something go wrong, we will stand behind our products.

I tried it using another PC, which was running Windows 2000, and the upgrade was flawless and took just 15 minutes.

Esato has a nice rundown of the enhancements and fixes of the different Sony Ericsson K750i firmware.

- Faster main menu - Search function disabled in Asian firmware?

- Added shortcut to change the subject line of an MMS (on More rather than through Advanced) - Improvements to Bluetooth - Improved battery life (for post Week 40 batteries only?

R2CA001 - Released by Cruiser on 18/11/05 - Released by Da Vinci on 8/12/05 - Released on SEUS II around 14/12/05 - Fixes camera driver problem for new hardware.

- JBenchmark 1: 2548 - JBenchmark 2: 131 LCD: 200406041 Camera: 3.10 ITP: CXC 125 813 R2C R2AY004 - Released by Da Vinci on 24/5/05 - Released to Service Centres around 10/6/05 - Rolled out on SEUS in July 05 - Currently no reported changes from R2AT - JBenchmark 1: 2419 - JBenchmark 2: 127 LCD: 200406041 Camera: 3.10 ITP: CXC 125 813 R1T R2AT003 - Released by Da Vinci on 13/5/05 - Less noise in photos taken with low lighting conditions - Significant increase in Bluetooth speed when copying data to the phone (from around 23.1Kbps in previous firmware revisions to 49.8Kbps) - JBenchmark1: 2392 - JBenchmark2: 127 - Software versions: LCD: 200406041 Camera: 3.10 ITP: CXC 125 813 R2C R2AL029 - Released by Setool on 1/4/05 - Picture preview (e.g.i get this error application closed, reason code: USER, reason number: 11? ) I upgraded my Sony Ericsson K750i to the latest firmware version last night.Before you install a firmware or device-driver update, read any readme and change history files that are provided with the downloaded update.These files contain important information about the update and the procedure for installing the update, including any special procedure for updating from an early firmware or device-driver version to the latest version.scrolling through the picture folder) is noticably faster.

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