Updating nvram

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Updating nvram

Please take the time to learn and absorb them - clock.Follow all the instructions precisely, or you may run into trouble. clock: Below, three methods of flashing will be covered: using your router's online interface (#Method 1: Flashing with Web GUI); #Method 2: Flashing with TFTP; and #Method 3: Flashing with Command Line. After reading this page, please see the Hardware-specific instructions to clarify what is best for your router - clock.

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You should be able to find this using the search function (dd-wrt download page 1) for your specific device.

If the recovery key is not known this can result in data loss or an unnecessary operating system re-install.

If your router is not listed there, check the wiki page.

The most important aspect of this section to absorb is the precautions.

People kill routers constantly by not following these advisories.

In the Hardware-specific section you may be advised to use this method if it is the preferred or only method for your brand or type of device.


Normally, the GUI flashing method should be used, as it is adequate for the vast majority of standard situations, but refer to the Hardware-specific section to be sure.

If you still wish to flash with TFTP, see the articles TFTP flash, Asus TFTP Flash and Recovering with TFTP.

This is only available on routers that already have DD-WRT installed and Telnet/SSH enabled.

New Firmware builds can always be downloaded, Router-Database builds are not up-to-date Downloading Firmware FAQ This section has been condensed. The list below contains some links not yet available in the other page, so check both places to be sure you have found all information for your router.

P4xx) and downgrade to this intermediate firmware level first.

If your device is supported, you may find specific information in the Hardware-specific page for your router.

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