Updating palm web browsers

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That is, these installers are fully "self-contained".

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No passwords are required for the downloading phase, only for the installation phase.

If you experience a password failure, it is probably because you have applied it to the wrong file.

You must carefully observe lower and upper case distinctions.

(These issues have become rare but firewalls can sometimes be intrusive.) * The GRAMCORD Institute cannot provide general Internet consultation and tutoring.

If you are not comfortable or are unfamiliar with standard download and software update techniques, you may wish to ask a knowledgeable friend to help you.

(The same will work on ALL Windows computer.) You will find the program update file in the root folder at These downloadable update files are only of use to legitimate users with matching passwords and registrations.

Currently, any registered user who is licensed for ANY edition of GRAMCORD FOR WINDOWS may download these free updates.

The GRAMCORD Institutes main server has been moved to (All of the old numeric-based servers should be disregarded.) While it is possible for the public to directly access and "roam" about the server, most of the files are unusable unless one owns the appropriate passwords and knows the meaning of the file names.

That is why we recommend that visitors who are not members of the Institute's staff or network of Associate Scholars utilize the helps on this page to find their files.

If you can't access the server within 24 hours, you may assume that the problem is at your end.

The company which hosts our server has excellent up-time performance.

To solve it, you may need to reconfigure IE6 by clicking these menu choices: Tools, Internet Options, Security, Internet and then click on the Custom Level button and go to the last section of the choices in order to click on Anonymous Logon. Zone Alarm), you may find that it refuses to connect to some servers.