Who is anika noni rose dating

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I don’t think that we, alive in 2016, how do you even put your mind in that space? So I just put out lots of prayers for spiritual assistance on this journey, because I don’t know how else to step into that.

Stage star Anika Noni Rose (“Caroline, or Change”) steps into the role of Kizzy (played by Leslie Uggams in the original), Kunta’s daughter, who carries on her father’s legacy. I’m proud to be able to bring it back and make it relevant again.” How did you land the role of Kizzy?She has a journey where she is trying to care for her son, raise a man in a time where black men were not allowed to be men, and raise him with a sense of dignity and responsibility and knowledge of self.All really intense challenges, and something very interesting to play.She also gets to love someone and it ends up the way it ends up, but she’s allowed to love and express that and have moments where she is smiling out of joy and not irony, which I found also quite attractive.Why do you think it’s important to tell the story of “Roots” again?But when you look at this story, you see what people went through just simply for the right to vote, to be treated as human beings.

When you look at what’s happening in the streets with specifically black youth and the police, this story is so relevant and so important.

And then to hear “cut” and then somebody’s coming to give you lotion, and somebody’s coming to make sure you have a Gatorade, and it’s just a very interesting juxtaposition.

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I think this country is going through a major upheaval.

I think that it’s really important for people to recognize where we’ve come as a country, how far we’ve come, and yet how far we have to go.

She is a sensational singer and her soulful singing has taken the level to a new level.