Who is jessica stroup dating 2016

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Who is jessica stroup dating 2016

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Mike tells her that since Elizabeth wanted to make a good impression, she decided to stay at a motel.Mike's mother questions him why Elizabeth would think that, implying that Shelby lied to Elizabeth.Elizabeth begins to walk up the road with her suitcase, looking for someone to drive her to the motel.The next morning Mike tries to call Elizabeth but her phone goes to voicemail. Elizabeth suffered extensive bruising and a broken ankle.Shelby tells Elizabeth that she left a message on Mike's voicemail telling him where Elizabeth was, which is a lie. Shelby then walks to her bowling alley to get Elizabeth's car. While Shelby is gone to get the car, she manages to get out of her bed with her injured ankle and hobble to Shelby's bedroom.It's been a long time since any of their news came out or anything.

If they were dating, I guess you'd hear about it on the 90210 forums or something.

Elizabeth is taken home by Mike's ex-girlfriend Shelby (Mischa Barton) after a road accident.

Shelby is soon revealed to be fixated on Mike and subsequently treats Elizabeth in a cruel and deranged manner.

Shelby befriends Elizabeth and after a few tequila shots, a drunk Elizabeth says she is going to meet Mike's parents after.

Shelby then tells her that Mike's parents are over judgmental, making Elizabeth nervous.

After the crash, Shelby puts her in her car and takes her home with her.