Who is jon gosselin dating ellen ross

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Who is jon gosselin dating ellen ross - are ashley greene and jackson rathbone really dating

Ellen Ross was Jon Gosselin's girlfriend from 2010 to January 2012, when Jon Gosselin tweeted their break up. Jon Gosselin is still revving the engines of Ellen Ross!

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A trip to a Taco Bell turned into a Taco Hell of sorts for the lyin' Hawaiian and Ellen Ross after the Pennsylvania couple was recognized at the drive-thru.

On October 18, a server tried to gets some Jon Gosselin pictures with a cell phone, causing the increasingly publicity shy pair to become outraged.

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They were apparently laughed at, openly mocked, ogled and harassed by the staff.

Maybe Ellen Ross will reflect on this in her new advice column ...

Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend named Ellen Ross after dumping 22 year.

Four years after a bitter divorce battle, Kate Gosselin is once again taking.

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