Who is nessa from girl code dating

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A little more background checking confirmed they are indeed seeing each other, but nothing too serious at the moment.

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She was always a big fan of music and turned her sights towards radio.

In March, she was chosen by the United Nations to discuss women in media and the barriers they face.

She said at the time, I believe on air personalities don't have to be a male to attract young females or be an overtly sexual woman to attract males.

Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a new team — yet — but he has a (kind of) new girlfriend.

After months of dating, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback recently went public with Nessa, from MTV’s “Girl Code” and the former girlfriend of his ex-teammate Aldon Smith.

Nessa had a friend at the time named Evelyn who was interning for Clear Channel, so Nessa had her turn her resume in for her.

Later she returned to WILD 94.9 as their overnight personality.She went on to encourage women to not undervalue their worth in the business and keep working hard.Nessa deserves all the success she's had, and I, for one, totally support her as an empowering voice in media.Well, she hustled a lot and has undeniable talent, to start.Nessa was born in Southern California and eventually moved up to the Bay Area to go to college at the University of California at Berkeley. As much as the actual show has grown to be an important part of celebrity culture, the VMAs red carpet pre-show has had its own memorable moments.