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He is a husband, father of four, and author of Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines.

"You need to tell people that you're single and open to dating," says Renee Piane, author of and the founder and president of Rapid The more you know the person who's suggesting the set up, the better chance you have of a successful outcome.Then, the concern will not be whether we fast, but when.Jesus assumes his followers will fast, and even promises it will happen.If you think the blind date is dead, think again: On an average day, there are 2,235 web searches for "blind date," according to Webster's Online Dictionary."I don't think the blind date will ever die," vouches Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and host of NBC Digital's Part of it may be that we live in a society in which food is so ubiquitous that we eat not only when we don’t need to, but sometimes even when we don’t want to.

We eat to share a meal with others, to build or grow relationships (good reasons), or just as a distraction from responsibility.

"Guys don't like to tell their buddies what they're really looking for; instead they'll say they are interested in physical attributes when really, deep down, they want a woman who reflects or shares their core values." Being honest with the person setting you up allows him or her to guide you toward a more successful match. Outside of online dating, ready-made profile doesn't exist.

That's when you turn to your matchmaker, whether he or she is your aunt, best friend, or gym buddy, and ask some questions.

"But also, this phone conversation allows you to build a bridge to rapport, so that when the blind date rolls around, you're less nervous."Ask and You Shall Receive. Ask follow-up questions." These questions allow the person to open up about their personal beliefs and goals. Choosing the setting for your blind date involves several factors—all of which you can discuss during your phone conversation.

The general questions you asked the person setting you up: You already asked them, so don't ask them again! "Try and find a place that is equidistant from the both of you," suggests Piane.

Piane has this advice: "Keep an open spirit and an open mind when going on a blind date because, even though that blind date might not be the man or woman of your dreams, you can meet and connect with amazing people through that person or at the venue." She should know: she met her husband only hours after a bad blind date!