Xiah junsu and taeyeon dating

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Dont ask me for their home address cause u will never get it, sorry. It is because of their busyness and all the schedule. A: Well each of them is just a shorter way to say their names in diffrent language.. DBSG/DBSK is korean ( Dong Bang Shingi) TVXQ is their english name.. ( Tong Vfang Xien Qi) THSK is their name in Japanese (To Ho Shin Ki) A : You can send all the letters or gift through SM Entertainment or Xiah Junsu's dad pizza shop, or Yoochun's grandfather restaurant but address it to their name. And for Junsu's dad pizza shop and Yoochun's grandfather restaurant address, sorry, for now, cant give it. A : From the latest news, TVXQ had been denying that they are currently dating anyone, even in the last Jeon Chin Note *TV Show* that Junsu attend, he said that he is not dating anyone now.

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Smoking is bad for your health; but the boys can do what they want. - Jaejoong has denied this rumour before and said that he didn't have double eyelids until when he was older.which take people to do lots of speculation saying that its all arrange.. same as the rumors of Micky and Bo A long time ago... some of u might have lots of question about TVXQ/DBSK in ur head.. But if you want to have the SM Entertainment address, feel free to PM me, and i will PM you back but since theres so many people asking for the address now, *my inbox is full*, i need to ask u few question before giving it. Some of them MIGHT have girlfriends, but who know the truth right?so why dont u just post it here so that maybe the other DBSK fan members or me can help u find the answer.. But TVXQ also a human being who want to be love by someone right?- DBSK has always said that they look up to LSM and that he is like a father to them.

People stereotype LSM and SM entertainment too much.

But Yoochun does have a stay over at TVXQ apartment.

A : No, as for now, TVXQ will not debut in US or any other countries other than the country in Asia.

3an interview: “we are not at the stage to indulge ourselves with relationships.

I think around at the age of 35, we will start considering about getting into relationships.4. v=M06Tpt6at2o His video he took before debut: the profanities and the cigar5.

SM apparently told Yoochun to stop smoking since it affects his voice.

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